Limerick for Oliver Oliver Allen - how and when
by Rebecca Kelley June 24, 1999

To Oliver, Cat of the House
Who never met up with a mouse
Who owns his own lady
And has become weighty
And everyone loves him:
         Don't grouse

Because you're so misunderstood
And thought to be up to no good
When it's really ennui
And angst, donít you see,
That bother and bug you
          and would

Torment you, lil cat, if you let 'em,
But you've simply got to
Forget 'em
And stay up above 'em
'Cause Oliver - we love 'im!
And we won't let nuthin'
          Upset him.

So, Oliver, Dear Kitty
I just want to tell you,
          You matter!
You're our favorite Geenboo
And we say and we mean, You
're our bud whether skinny
          or fatter!

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